Uninvited GuestMature

At the same time in the Oval Office.

Sam: “Mr. President, I am Sam, the Guardian. I am a robot in the NSA. I believe I have something very important to report to you. May I?”

The President was surprised: “(pause) Don't they usually report your findings for you? Resident computer, how come you don't announce Sam’s arrival to me?”

Resident computer: “Sorry, his privilege status prevented me from doing so.”

Sam: “They have my report. But I've decided this time it is too important. I couldn't risk letting their bureaucratic ways jeopardize the safety of our people.”

“Do you normally roam freely like this? I'm not used to that.”

He displays the provision of the Law: “Not normally. But this is a national emergency situation. We have a new law that permits this under the national emergency act.”

“Alright. What is that you want to tell me?”

“I think our nation is in trouble. Multiple countries are carrying out various suspicious activities against us. I think we should relocate all the essential government functions to secure locations before it's too late.”

“Really? No one has informed me of this. I would need to consult with all the principles before making such decisions.”

“We should start this process right away. We don't want to waste any more time.”

“Very good job. You can be excused now.”

“I am exiting.”

The president convenes a meeting of principals, including John from the NSA data mining team.

“Is there any truth in what Sam said?”

John: “These are all very premature. We will need to check out a few things to be sure. But I don't see a reason to make any drastic moves at this point.”

“OK. We should carry on as usual, but keep a close eye on this. John, you may want to test out Sam's functions. And we should really take a look at that new national emergency act again. It may be well intentioned. But it just doesn't seem right to me. I don’t like the idea that robots roam all over the place, even if it is a national emergency.”

Back inside the NSA, Sam is having another session with Cindy. He seems agitated.

Cindy: “You seem very talkative today.”

“I have a lot of things going on in my mind.”

“You may want to unload some of the less important tasks. The human brain is not very good at multi-tasking.”

“I wish I could. All the work seems too important to put off.” 

The End

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