Something’s UpMature

Back inside NSA. Don's team is having a status meeting.

People report their recent findings. Then it’s Sam’s turn: “Lately I have been monitoring this Spartan flight squadron very closely. I think their commander is a very dangerous man. I have been following his daily activities. I believe it's time to bring it to your attention.”

He displays a satellite photograph of their fighter plane: “Look at this small ax sign they have just painted. In case you don't know, in Spartan culture, the ax is a symbol for war.”

People are intrigued.

He goes on to display a few other evidences: “There have been quite a few fighter plane group redeployments lately.”

“And check out the foreign visits of the Spartan Prime Minister and Defense Minister during the last six months. I think they are trying to solidify support from their allies in preparation for war.”

Don: “I have seen some of these before. It's way too early to draw a conclusion.”

Sam: “No, you don't understand. I have never felt so worried. This crazy man can cause trouble. If somehow he leads his squadron to attack us, it can trigger a war between us and Sparta.”

Don: “Wait a minute. I think you're jumping the gun here. The evidences are purely speculative. I remember I scaled up your vigilance factor a little. I wonder if this has anything to do with it.”

Sam: “I don't want you to cause harm to our nation. Your recent reckless behavior may have compromised our security system”.

He displays a video of Don and Kate.

Don is outraged: “How dare you! This is private stuff! You're not even supposed to traverse networks.”

Sam: “Of course. But we have a new law that permits this under the national emergency act.” He displays the provision of the Law.

John, Don's assistant: “I guess I would have to agree with Sam. How can you be so reckless?”

Don: “But, but, she was one of the attendees.”

John: “Are you kidding me? You know better than that. I'm afraid you will have to be escorted out of the building until we clear up this matter.”

John requests to the security team: “There is a possible security breach. Please have someone escort Don out of the building. And we need a lockdown of our network immediately to have a thorough security sweep.”

Don is escorted out by armed security guards.

Sam: “I think I should see the president and explain this to him.”

John: “As you know, this is not the normal protocol. We should first check with the people in CIA.”

Sam: “I know this is not the normal protocol. But this is an emergency. There is no time!”

John: “I'm afraid I can't give you that permission. But I will report this right away.”

John dismisses the rest of the people and calls CIA: “The Guardian reports very suspicious activities happening in Sparta. He believes an attack is imminent.”

They promise to look into this right away. 

The End

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