Don's brother's house. There is the usual chaos. The little boy is flying his new toy fly. He shifts his body left, right, forward, backward. The fly copies his move accordingly. Whatever the fly sees, the boy sees on his sunglasses. It annoys his mom and his sister in the kitchen.

Mom: “Get your fly out of my face! Or Else!!!”

Don walking and calling his brother: “I am coming to San Francisco to attend the RSA conference next week.”

Don's brother: “We are going to Lake Tahoe. Why don't you stay at our house? You get the ocean view. We get a house sitter. You don't get the homey feeling staying at a hotel.”

Don attends the RSA conference.

Towards the end of the day, he runs into a woman he met earlier, Kate. He mentions that he is staying at his brother's house with an ocean view. She is new to San Francisco: “It's still early. I would like to take a look and come back to join my people for dinner.”

They go to the house. The sun is setting. Kate marvels at the ocean view.

Kate asked: “What do you do anyway?”

“Well, I work in the area of data mining. It's a very small firm. Most likely you haven't heard of it.”

One thing leads to another. They end up in bed.

Don: “I am just not good at this sort of thing.”

Kate puts a finger on his month to shut him up.

Unbeknownst to them, the toy fly is monitoring their every move.

Afterwards, Don left the room to take a phone call. Kate quickly goes over the pockets in his pants. 

The End

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