An Incredible MindMature

In the year 2111, a robot inside the NSA gets psychotherapy, follows every law, and still manages to get out of control. This time it's "girl power" that saves the day.


Shocking, yet so familiar, this is the story of the Guardian system, nick name “Sam”, a robot inside the NSA (National Security Agency).

What if technology is advanced enough that we can make an artificial brain? That time has arrived. The year is 2111. Unlike other artificial intelligence (AI) systems, Sam is the first of its kind. “He” was designed based on the human brain, with emotion and all. By combining the best of human brain and computers, Sam is on the cutting edge of our national defense. His job is to sift through the data from various sources and report any potential threat that is overlooked by human and conventional computer data mining methods. He was even assigned a psychotherapist to help him unwind from his intense workload.

Main characters:

Sam: The Guardian.
Don: Director of Data Mining.
Cindy: Counselor to Sam.

The End

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