A Second Chance for Jameson

Paul took off first, leaving burn marks on the pavement and the smell of burned rubber in the air. But his Dodge Ram was no match for Jameson’s Vespa. Jameson knew this and he knew Paul knew it, too, but Paul’s ego wasn’t letting common sense get through to him right now, so Jameson let Paul get a head-start.

As he let a few cars get in front of him, watching Paul’s Dodge Ram get smaller and farther away, he reflected on the crazy events of the last 48 hours.

Jameson had come so close to finally getting his chance with Becca. He’d never admit it to anyone one, but what he’d been praying for was not to “seal the deal,” (although, yes, he did have maybe one or two fleeting X-rated reveries, but they were always brief and never overly detailed), but rather to get their first kiss. He’d rather endure torture than speak this desire aloud.

Now he had a second chance. He knew he couldn’t mess it up.

His eyes burning with purpose, Jameson decided he’d let Paul have enough fun. It was time for some action.

The End

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