Call Me

Becca held her breath and then looked at the Caller ID. It was a number she didn’t recognize. Despite herself, her heart raced, hoping against hope that it would be him. She normally didn’t answer when she didn’t know the number but something told her to pick it up anyways.


“Is this Rebecca Schaefer?” It was a girl’s voice and she had a lilting accent Becca could almost place.

“Yes, who is this?”

“You may not know me, but this is Prandi Chrindar, from your Bio. Lab?”

Becca’s back stiffened. She sat up quickly. “How did you get my number?”

“Well… I sort of took it from Jameson’s cell phone when he wasn’t looking in class the other day.”

“Oh. Well, what do you want?” Becca snapped at her, in disbelief that this little mouse was actually calling her. What, was she trying to rub it in her face, the fact that she and Jameson had a close friendship?

“OK, but you’ve got to promise not to say anything to Jameson, though. He’ll kick me all the way back to India if he finds out I called you…”

The End

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