Lay Me Down In Sheets of Linen


Sassy tucked Becca into bed moments after calming her down. The waves of tears ceased, but she hadn’t said a word in quite some time.

“When you wake up, we’ll hit up Duke’s Road House to cheer you up. A few Vodka Sours and you’ll be just like new.”

Becca didn’t even acknowledge her, preferring to bury her head in a pile of pillows. Sassy closed the door and Becca melted into her bed, the linens softer than clouds; asleep.

A muffled buzz woke her. It was coming from her purse. Becca feared the worst.Jeez, I hope Sassy didn’t try to cheer me up with a special gift.

She opened her purse and found her pink Razr, a note attached:


You’re currently trying to talk Old Bess into a body shot, so I figured it’d be a good time to give your phone back. You’re acting a bit odd tonight, but all that said, I really like you. By the way, if you’re reading this, you really should answer the phone.

Your pal,


Becca answered, wondering if it really was him.

The End

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