True Blue

Jameson stared at Old Bess, trying to take in what she’d just said.

Finally, he whispered, “You know, Old Bess, that’s so crazy it just might be true. Thanks a million. You’re a true blue lady.” Then he kissed her warmly on the cheek, slapped a twenty on the bar and turned to walk away.

“Hey, partner!” Old Bess cried, not one to let him leave without having the last word.

“Yeah, Old Bess?”

“Thanks for the twenty and knock her dead, hon. Show her your mettle – show her what a real man is all about.”

Jameson’s face broke into a wide smile and then he left the bar walking on air.


Later that day

“Hey, are you sure this is a good idea, going on a double-date? I don’t mean to knock your masculinity, but you know those two girls will just be macking to me and ignoring you all night. I can’t do that to a friend.”

Jameson threw the basketball at Paul’s face. Paul ducked, laughing. “No, you jerk, I don’t mind, because Prandi’s just a friend. So you better treat her right.”

“Then who’s the other girl?”

“You’ll see.”

The End

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