What Exactly Is Going On Here?


Becca realized that no sane person could look at another the way Jameson was looking at her unless that person was in love. She was so enraptured by his embrace that she did the unthinkable.

She kissed him. Or, at least, she would have kissed him if Sassy hadn’t barged in talking a mile a minute.

“So how did Mr. One-Night-Stand take it when he realized you used him for sex?” Sassy asked, before her face gave way to bewilderment. “What exactly is going on here?”

Shocked, Jameson dropped Becca. “Yeah, Becca, I could ask you the same thing.”

“Ouch!” was her initial response, but it wasn’t a real crowd pleaser.

Becca felt completely helpless as everything spun out of control. “Explain these pictures, Mr. Wonderful!” Becca said. She slammed the pictures down on the kitchen table.

“Oh, my God. Becca, it’s not what it looks like,” he said. “She’s just a friend who's going through a rough patch. I was trying to console her.

“Who are you gonna believe, Becca?” Sassy asked confidently, “Me or this two-timing slime-ball?

The End

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