Best Intentions

Becca had arranged with Sassy to have the apartment all to herself that night. It would have been kind of awkward to seal the deal with her roommate in the room (though Becca was starting to realize that her bipolar friend might not have minded, necessarily).

Jameson fell asleep after his outburst, despite Becca’s best intentions. She even tried slapping him once, hard, on his face, but he didn’t even stir, he just snored louder.

After parking the car, Becca shook Jameson hard until he opened his bleary green eyes and belched.

“Ugh. Get out of the car, Jameson. We’re here.” Becca had abandoned all pretense back at the bar. The audacious flirt was gone, replaced with the new no-nonsense Becca.

Jameson whined the whole way, but Becca was able to half-drag, half-push him into the stairwell where she waited until it was empty before sneaking him up onto the girls’ floor and into her apartment.

She left him slumped on the couch. “Stay here,” she told him. “I’m going to slip into something more comfortable.”

The End

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