The Sound of a Heart Breaking

Becca scrolled through the pictures on the digital camera, her stomach in knots, her heart silently breaking over and again with each button press. The sequence of pictures provided a sinister essay on the level of her betrayal.

Becca saw her crush wipe tears from another girl’s face. She watched him embrace this captivating foreign temptress, his hands caressing her back. She found herself imagining the electricity that must have been flowing as they clasped each other for what might as well have been an eternity.

How could she have been so wrong about Jameson?

“Well, what do you think?” Sassy asked, oblivious to her friend’s anguish. “The pictures sure tell a story, don’t they?”

“I feel sick,” Becca said. “Really sick.”

“I overheard their conversation, Becca. I think they’re pretty serious. They were talking about marriage for Pete’s sake. What are you gonna do about this?”

“I only have three words for you,” Becca said. “One. Night. Stand.”

Sassy smiled, imagining the carnage that would surely come.

The End

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