The Power of Revenge Compels You!

Sassy looked up from the vivisected frog. “So what’s your plan? I bet it won’t be as good as herpes.”

“Um, I don’t know if herpes can ever be a good thing, Sassafras.”

Sassafras was Becca’s childhood nickname for Sassy. Becca used it now in the hopes of exorcising the demon out of her friend and possibly even saving her soul. Seeing that Sassy was about to interrupt again, Becca quickly continued, “So my plan is to do to them exactly what was done to you.”

“Both of them? What, are you suddenly into threesomes and I wasn’t aware of this?”

Becca blushed, cursing her pale skin. Crap! She hoped Jameson wasn’t looking her way. A quick glance revealed that he was. Double crap!

“Um, well, I don’t mean both of them, I guess, Sassy. I could just focus on one of them.”

Sassy put down the scalpel (to the relief of many of the students, as well as Dr. Olson). There was a look in her eye Becca recognized. A look that meant the wheels in her head were turning faster than usual (and they already moved pretty darn fast to begin with).

“Hmm," she said as she picked the scalpel back up. Becca noticed several students nearby start to inch away slightly at this.

Sassy continued after a moment of speculation, "That’s so crazy it just might work, Becca. But I worry that you just might contract a venereal disease from the sleaze-bag. Maybe you should focus on his friend.”

The End

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