Hey, Jealousy

The truth was that Jameson wasn’t sorry. Maybe a little disturbed, but not repentant. Despite the fact that a murderous psycho witch possibly wanted to kill him. Despite the fact that this petite owl perched on her lab stool was peering down at him with pity mingled with disgust.

“Did you jilt her?” Prandi asked as she tried to salvage what she could of the mangled amphibian corpse.

“Did I what?” Prandi’s accent made it hard to understand her at times. Jameson leaned in closer to hear her.

“Jilt her, dump her, whatever you Americans call it.”

“Heh. That’s an understatement.” Jameson picked up his scalpel again, feeling more confident now that his hands had stopped shaking. He didn’t want to admit it but Sassy had really gotten to him. After a moment, he added, “No, I didn’t jilt her. As far as I know, she has no reason to hate me. I just happened to find her friend’s phone.”

“Why don’t you just give it to her then?”

“Because in America we don’t give something without getting something back in return.”


Meanwhile, Sassy stomped back to her lab table, nearly knocking over the TA. “What were you thinking?!” Becca hissed as Sassy sat back down on her stool, still clutching the scalpel in her left fist.

“What are you talking about? I’m just sticking up for you.”

Becca stole a glance at Jameson and saw him leaning forward to listen to something his partner was saying. Prandi was pretty, in a dark, exotic way. Becca’s stomach twisted as she looked at them. Suddenly she forgot all about her phone and even about her seemingly bipolar friend.

But said bipolar friend was not one to be ignored.

“Becca, listen to me!” she yelled, causing all heads to whip back towards her. Dr. Olson surreptitiously inched closer to the security button just in case he needed to call for backup.

Becca just stared, her blue eyes wide and staring. Sassy’s dark eyes were red and wild. Becca suddenly got the feeling that she didn’t know her own best friend anymore.

“We need to join forces. These men think they can own us. It’s time they learned the truth. I have a plan…”

The End

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