A Promise is a Promise ... Right?

With hands that were shaking more from Sassy’s announcement than from Becca having been sick, Becca wiped her mouth and just stared at Sassy.

“What happened?” Becca asked in a steady voice that was belied by her trembling hands.

Sassy tried to speak despite the fact she was heaving with sobs. “It – was – just – a -stupid – frat – party.” When she was finally able to stem the flood of tears, she continued: “It was just a one-night-stand. But for some reason, it really got to me tonight. I guess because he didn’t remember me, didn’t even recognize me.”

“Jeez, I’m so sorry, Sassy.”

“Yeah. Well, it happened last year. I should be over it by now.” Sassy gave a watery chuckle and Becca reached out to hug her. Sassy held Becca back and said in a suddenly urgent voice, “A promise is a promise, Becca. You can’t go out with that man-whore’s friend. Besides, I don’t want this to happen to you, too.”

For some reason, Becca couldn’t bring herself to look her friend in the eye as she said, “I promise, Sassy.”

The End

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