Two Girls in the Bathroom = Trouble

Sassy accosted Becca as soon as she opened the bathroom door, pushing her inside and closing the door firmly behind them. A guy’s voice could be heard in the background: “All right, two girls in the bathroom. Kink-y!”

Becca was too busy being frightened out of her wits by the manic look on Sassy’s face to pay much attention to the vulgar frat-boy outside.

Through gritted teeth Sassy hissed, “First you approach him with the questions, which was fine, if you don’t mind making a fool out of yourself, and then I decide to be a good friend and talk up his sleazy friend while you make cute with the ‘worm.’ But then you had to go and liven up the party with some Dirty Dancing! I thought that was our thing, Becca!”

“Jeez, Sassy, give it a rest!” Becca exclaimed. “Why do you care so much? We haven’t acted out that scene from Dirty Dancing since grade school. I didn’t think you’d mind.”

Sassy backed off, crossing her arms and tilting her chin up. “Becca, look. There’s something I have to tell you…”

The End

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