I stood up, and saw underneath the mass of black fur, some smoky grey fur. I realised Shikari was trapped under the bear he had just brought down. I threw the bear off him with a swift flick of my hand, and ran over to him. By the time I'd got there, he was back on his feet. His shirt was ripped open, and there was an open wound bleeding down his torso.

"Do you want me to - ?" I trailed off.

"No it's okay," he said.

"But it's bleeding," I said, "A lot."

"Just watch," he said.

I watched, not quite sure what I was looking for. After a few minutes the blood began to slow, and eventully stopped.

"How-?" I asked.

"Shifters heal fast," he said with a grin, "It'll be completley gone in five or ten minutes."

"Wow," I murmured, stunned. We were silent for a second. I couldn't work out whether it was an awkward one or a comfortable one. Were all shifters so confusing? I suddenly thought of something.

"That bear-was it a shifter? Or a bear?" I asked.

"A bear," he said simply.

"How do you know?" I asked. It looked like a normal bear to me.

"It's hard to say really. Shifters tend to have brighter coloured eyes, purple or blue or orange. Normal animals seem more ... dull. With shifters, you can see personality, in the way they move or fight, or even in their eyes. I suppose it's hard for an outsider to tell."

My heart sank a little when he said 'outsider'. It made me realise how little I knew about his world and his life. I knew he didn't mean it in a harsh way, he was just saying it the way it is, but i still felt a little upset and confused.

The End

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