I left as quickly as possible, eager to be away from the clutching townsfolk, all wanting me to stay longer, to heal sick loved ones. I felt guilty , leaving them behind. I headed east, in the general direction of the river. I began to feel drowsy, under the glare of the summer sun, and the feel of Silver's gentle rocking beneath me. It was a relief to be under the cover of the huge leafy trees. I breathed in the green, mossy smell. I could hear a gentle trickling, and as we came over the top of a little mound a beautiful little clearing  came into sight. There was a little river, probably a side stream from the main one. Then there was the small, open, clearing, covered in grass and moss, and tiny white flowers, and surrounded by huge, mossy trees. Then  I noticed a figure, sitting on the edge of the clearing, with his knees folded up to his chest, and a hand lazily dangling in the water. A twig snapped under Silver' hoof, and the boy leapt to his feet, like a wolf springing to defend itself.

That's when I recognised who it was. It was the boy I'd just released in the town. The snarl on his lips slowly faded as he recognised me as well.

"Hey," I said. He straightened up, and made a little movement as though to bow. "It's okay, just sit back down."


The End

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