The men stuttered and fumbled around in their haste to free the boy. It was times like this when i enjoyed being so important. At last the boy jumped free of the pole, rubbing his wrists. He hesitated for  second, and looked to me again, but this time I was shocked by not only his startlingly open, blue eyes, but also by his whole appearance. He had this sort of aggresive grace, like he was completley in control of every muscle in his body and I could tell every muscle was capable of huge force and power. He was stocky, with broad shoulders and chest. I saw a little shame in his eyes now, like he was challenging  me to laugh at his pleading.

I gave him a little nod, giving him permission to leave. He jerked his head back at me, and then turned away from me. The crowd recoiled from him as he leapt forward. I watched in awe as he burst into a new form and then streaked through the crowd, no longer a stocky boy, now a powerful, muscular wolf.

And then he was gone. I looked down, and realised the injured boy was still bleeding out. I swung down to the ground and hurried over to him. The doctor moved over and i knelt next to the boy. Blood was pouring out of wounds all over his body. It was congealed around his clothes, and shining brightly on his skin.

"It's no use," the woman said, "Nothing heals wounds like these."

I pulled  little bottle out from under my cloak. Inside was a pearly white liquid. I poured a little into the worst of the wounds, and used my fingers to spread it along the edges of the largest wounds, sealing thenm roughly together. Any sudden movement could rip them open again. I unpinned the little broch from my cloak and handed it to the doctor.

"Take this to my mother, in the palace," I said, "Tell them I sent you. She can heal wounds better than me." She mumbled her thanks, slightly disbelieving, and in minutes a horse was brought, and they left, galloping across the square and out of town.

The End

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