We trotted through the iron gates and into the courtyard. Isaac built the gates. His power was to control metal. I loved watching him work. The metal spiralled and twisted at his fingertips, settling into shapes. Sometimes he made little statues, or jewellary, or things like gates and drains. Thian, the man in charge of Pa's defence committee once asked Isaac to join them. But he refused. He said his power wasn't a weapon, it was an art. I admired Isaac. He was so wise and calm and gentle.

 Another servant dropped the drawbridge on the other side of the courtyard. We cantered across it and I breathed in the fresh air. The town was right outside. It wasn't much, a jumble of misshapen buildings and winding, dusty paths. There was one cobbled street running through the centre of town. As we walked through, people moved out of the way to let us past. I sighed. Sometimes I wanted to be like everyone else, winding through the streets, in and out of the people and horses, dodging the children as they played tag. I walked past one old man, and he ducked his head and scuttled back into his little house. That was when I decided to get rid of my escorts.

I stopped Silver in between two stands, one selling fruit, and one selling handmade jewellary. I pulled out the little purse from around my neck and handed both Jasper and Alex some silver coins.

"Jasper honey, can you buy me one of those silver necklaces, with the tiny stars?" i asked sweetly, batting my eyelids. "And Alex sweetie, can you please get me a few of those red apples? Thanks."

I dropped the money into their hands. They glanced at each other, shrugged their shoulders, and slid off their horses. I moved as soon as they turned their back. With a flick of my hand, I sent a metal spoon flying into a pan. It clattered loudly, and both the brown horses skittered, and bolted back the way we came. In the same second, I pushed Silver forward and through the street, towards the opposite end of town. My two escorts stood there, dumbfounded, unsure of what to do. By the time they fumbled around looking for a horse to borrow I was already out of sight, several streets away.

"Good girl," I murmured, "They don't call you SilverFlash for no reason."

I pulled Silver to a halt when we reached the edge of town. I scanned the skyline. Straight ahead of me, I saw smoke rising. There was an even smaller town just past the forest, called Mlisa. In a flash of silver, we were galloping away from the suffocating peace of the palace, the plainness of the town, and towards this new exciting place.

The End

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