An Hour Away

This is New Earth, long after the age of science and the metropolis. We are fresh out of the second Ice Age, and already the First War has been and gone.

Since the Ice Age, we've uncovered enough information to tell us what happened such a long time ago, that almost destroyed the whole planet. Before the ice age, humans consumed all the Earths natural resource, they polluted the air, and in the end, destabilised the whole planet. It was 2012, we believe, when it all went wrong. Earthquakes and volcanoes ripped up the ground, hurricanes and tornadoes pulled down all the buildings and forests, and tsunamis flooded the land and washed everything away. Fires raged across the planet, burning and destroying what was left. And then, after just a month, the freeze came. Great ice storms swept the planet, pulling everything into its icy grasp, even the African plains, and the rainforests. We don't know how long Earth remained a frozen wasteland. It could have been hundreds, thousands, or millions of years.

We're not sure how, but some people survived, which is why we're here, and why we know a little of New Earth's history. New Earth is different to Earth. No great concrete jungles break up the skyline, no cars pump fumes into the air. Its all clean, and fresh. We live in little villages, or sometimes bigger  towns. From what we know, its similar to Medieval times.

Our world consists of three groups. The largest is obviously humans. They make up the main workforce, the middle class in society. Then come the Powers. Powers all posses some kind of ability, like super strength, reading minds, maybe being able to fly. Because of these  abilities, the Powers stand at the top of the social ladder. Between them, they posses enough abilities to control New Earth. Finally, at the lowest end of the ladder come the Shifters. They all have the ability to turn into animals. Some shifters can turn into one animal, some can turn into several different animals. They are widely feared and known as violent and savage.

No one's quite sure how Powers and Shifters came about, or how long they have been here. Some people have found traces of both in records from before the ice age, but no one is really sure how accurate they are. One thing we are sure of, is that Powers and Shifters will continue to clash until something changes.

The End

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