An Honest DeceptionMature

This was me venting on a situation I went through at the beginning of 2012.

Looks can be deceiving.

Do not be fooled sucka, take a look at the meaning.

The deception is gleaming with the truth,

oozing to the surface from the seams of its core.

Do not you see that filthy little whore, for who he really is?

“No,” you say.

That’s because he only shows you what he chooses to covey.


Words can be deceiving.

Do not be fooled sucka, take a look at the meaning.

Hidden is the truth underneath the surface,

Pertinent are the facts that remain.

Do you not hear the words that sustain their essence?

Try not to ignore.

She’ll only say what she wants your ears to absorb.


Situations can deceive you.

Will you choose to fall for trickery and become a fool?

Parts played by ones who care.

But should you dare ask where their true cares lie?

Should you dare ask, what’s their motivational drive?

Do not ask unless you feel you can survive,

the pain of the truth of their lies.


Deception is a part of life.

When we become grief stricken we obtain incentive to change.

It’s through ones actions that impel inimical paroxysm,

that we find favor in the beauty of honesty at all costs;

even though the wages may be the feelings and emotions of others.


Energy in motion.


Our infrastructures crash like the waves of an ocean.

Changes come with the tide’s rise and fall.

Beauty can be seen in the chaos and the calm.

We need one to appreciate the other.

So do not be enraged sucka.

You are the one who choose to fall for the beauty of the storm.

Turn around and look at the bright side.

Now you can fully see the light from the sun in the sky,

shinning down upon the placidity of the calm.


The storm is gone.

You are not a sucker after all.

You are a soul in motion.

You are energy.

You are contributing,

to the whole.

Welcome, my friend,

to the circle.


We are all here to play a part.

Can you feel hate without love in your heart?

Would you value truth without any lies?

So why is it, these negatives, you choose to despise?

Look at the big picture,

the truth of it all.

Do not get angry, if like a sucka, you fall.

There is a reason for the smallest of rhymes.

So step out of yourself before the next time,

you question the truth of another’s lies.

There is a reason for the smallest of rhymes.

The End

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