It's been several weeks since the storm, and the shrieking radar, but we've yet to be hit by a similar weather phenomenon. Jason is still an annoying ass, and Fae is still Fae. 

And me? Well, I'm still manning the monitors. The continuous drowning and beeping of the scanners and buttons drives me mad, but I have managed to avoid going over the edge into full-on insanity. 

"How's your day going bud?" Jason strolled into the monitor room, typically interrupting my train of thought, and being as annoying as ever. 

"As well as ever, and yourself?" I like to pretend that I care, but his thick skull doesn't register sarcasm.

"It's a'ight. Feelin' quite perky today to be honest with you." Jason is always honest with me, that's what nearly kills me. "Those lights are flashin', should you not look at 'em?" 

No, Jason, I do not look at the flashing lights. "They've been like that for the past few days, I think they're faulty." That, or the damn things are just flashing to get on my nerves. 

Jason took a small cigarette from his pocket. My heart is leaping for joy at the thought of secondhand smoke. "What're they for in'anyways?" 

He put the cigarette in his mouth. I pointed towards the red light, "this one is for a fuel shortage, but the gauge," I indicated towards the small arrow, "shows nearly full." 

He lit the cigarette with an even smaller lighter. I can already taste the cancer. "And th'other one? The green one, why's that flashin'?"

There was a little symbol of a house above the green light. "When that's green, it means we are receiving a message from Earth." Either he has the memory of a goldfish, or he is an idiot - But he should have known what that light meant, I definitely told him before. 

His face lit up, and the cigarette nearly fell from his mouth. "What've they sent us?" 

This is where I crush his hopes. "Nothing, Jason. They've sent us nothing. That's why I said it was faulty." That felt like a home-run. 

He hid it well, but his eyes told another story to the rest of his body - They were devastated. "Oh, no worries 'en." The big man took a puff from the cigarette and left the room. That's going to kill him, not leaving the room - Obviously I am talking about the cigarette. 

I realized I did not know where Fae was, and was forced to shout out after the big lumix. "Where's Fae?"

His voice sounded heavy when he responded. "She went out about an hour ago." The time echoed around my head. An hour ago... An hour ago... What was an hour ago...

It hardly mattered, all the suits had enough oxygen for seven hours - Specifically seven hours and nineteen minutes, as that's how long we get sunlight, which means plenty of sleep. 

Or it would, if Jason didn't snore like an elephant with a trombone in its trunk - That man is an animal in every way. 

And that's roughly when it happened.

"Get out 'ere! Quick Columbus!" Of course, I didn't realize exactly what had happened, but the loud crashing sound was an indicator of something outside. 

I practically ran from the monitor room, through the living quarters and past bedrooms, and into the changing area, which was connected to the airlock. 

"Suit up." Jason commanded, but he needn't have said anything. I was hardly going to stay inside. 

I turned and took the suit from the wall. I had no idea what it was made of, but frankly didn't care once it done what it was meant to. I slipped one leg in, then the other - I lifted it up over my shoulders and put my arms into the sleeves. I zipped it up, from the crotch to the chin, and sealed the helmet on. 

A soft buzz echoed inside the helmet - "Can you hear me?" Of course I can hear you Jason, its a communication system. 

"I can," unfourtunately, "Fae, are you on his line?" It took several long seconds before she answered. 

"I'm here."

As brief as ever. "We are exitin' the shuttle, did you see't? Columbus and I could only 'ear it." Thanks for pointing out the obvious Jason, the lack of windows meant we couldn't see bloody anything. 

Fae sounded confused, "see what?" See what she says, how should we know?!

I composed myself to answer her. "We don't know, we can't see anything inside, but we both heard it - It sounded like something big crashing."

Fae's confusion only continued. "Crashing? I seen nothing out here, and I didn't hear anything. Are you guys sure?" Are we sure, she says, of course we are bloody sure!

"Yes. We are sure." 

Jason opened the airlock. "This is one small step for man..." Oh Jason, we're not the first people to walk here. "An' one giant step for mankind." I just shook my head, he couldn't even get that right. 

The airlock automatically sealed behind us, and we walked out onto the dry, cracking rock.  

"I'm on the other side of the homebase, boys," Fae buzzed through. "But there is nothing to see here." Well maybe look harder, we definitely heard crashing. 

"We've got nothing on this side either, Fae." Being so damn polite is going to be the death of me.

Then Jason started to jump up, and then jump up again. "What is it Jason?"

He pointed, "I see somethin'!" Skeptically I raised my eyebrow. "Over there, see it?" 

I followed where he was pointing, and sure enough there was a large object sticking out of the ground - The big gorilla is useful for something after all. 

"What is it you guys see?"

I wanted to describe it, but my mind couldn't bring any words forward. "It's.. It's... Just... There."

Jason nodded in agreement. "It's just there."

Fae was annoyed by the answer. "What kind of description is that!?" 

I wish I could tell her what I seen, I wish I could have described it - But my mind could find no words, nothing. It was blank. 

The End

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