And finally the end of chapter two


She came to me in my dream that night, beginning with a soft whisper of my name. “Halo” I then had the sensation of someone stroking my face with cold finger tips, yet through the static that was pulsing between us it was almost warm, hot in fact. I suddenly felt on fire like I was screaming, she was caressing my neck, drawing me in. I screamed for her to stop, closing my eyes from the pain that I was enduring that moment, only to find when I opened them again I was in a valley. It was beautiful, the sun reflected a gold light from the leaves of the trees, and there was a field of flowers of every colour, merging together like paint on a palette. I looked over to where a flutter of laughter was escaping from. There she was again stood facing a lake but smiling at me, it was as it had been in my painting, yet this time she wore a white dress which reflected the light of the water its azure blue and moss green.

She spoke “Halo why do you stare at me like that, do you not remember me? I will not hurt you.” Her voice suddenly becoming more vicious and humming, “It will only feel like a prick of a needle.” Her eyes changing from their once honey brown to a bloody red, and her skin pale, with a look of hunger and distress in her face. She moved towards me I couldn’t run away I was too scared, she reached down for my neck tipping my head back, the sudden feel of a cold sharp object against my skin sent me jolting awake.

I woke with beads of sweat running down my face, I couldn’t go back to sleep in the fear that I would see her like that again, so I got up to have a shower. What was wrong with her eyes? And what did she mean do I remember her? There were so many questions running through my mind, it felt like fifty church bells ringing in my ear, deafening me till there was no sound at all only a painful silence. I climbed into the shower hoping I could wash the experience off me. I looked down at myself, maybe I could do a bit of time at the gym today, it might help me take my mind off things.


When I arrived at the gym Rocco was already there with Carl and Ben. I was glad Ben was there he had been worrying us lately with his sudden weight loss after his brake up with Elle. It was good they had got back together as he seemed more of his cheery self.

“Hey Halo over here!” Ben waved at me to come over.

The End

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