continuation of the last...just to make it seem just that little bit shorter...looks like novel coming on lol

Freddie and Rocco had dated a while back now, they were the couple that ruled the school, or like to think so anyway. Rocco drooled over her; she was like his queen, sad right? With one snap of her fingers he was at her beck and call. I warned him but he was having none of it saying I had it all wrong she was the one at his. Always acting the big man. He is a great mate and all just a little bit overly vein at times.

Well one time he began to act the hard man in front of Callum bragging about their sex life and how she did whatever he wanted like she was his own private lap dancer, she heard of course, and screamed the place down. She dumped him on the spot but not before humiliating him in front of the entire basketball team, saying how he wet the bed up until he was fourteen. Even I know that is a no go zone when trying to bring a guy down. It ruined his reputation but only for a week because he ended up shagging Sasha at a party.

“You know how it is with her. She wants me back really.” Wow he really was in denial, just from looking over at her you could see this wasn’t true, from the electrical bolts of lightening shooting from her eyes when she spotted Rocco smiling at her. “See man, she loves me.”

“I think she just gave you evils man.” Freddie had everything going for her popularity, almost every guy rapped around her finger, along with her trusty sidekick Georgia. See Georgia used to be quiet the opposite all quiet and innocent until she started dating Tom Gregory. She’s into black hair and nails, and not to mention her trusty leathers which she was now always equip with. Tom says she looks dead sexy, I say she looks dead scary.

I wouldn’t really say anyone in the school was worth the trouble to me. All of them were well, kind of slags; accept the odd dork who sat in the library all day doing our homework, gosh what losers. You had to feel sorry for them it seemed like they didn’t know how to say no, which is pretty dumb for someone who is meant to be smart.  Personally though I prefer to do my homework, I can’t see why I am not capable of doing it for myself, and plus I feel bad for all of those guys. Aura was the only one for me and I knew that now and forever, her presents itself had a sort of radiance, her beauty breath taking that had you gasping for air.

The bell then rang to end the class. I turned to look at Aura hoping to catch her before next lesson, but she was already gone before any other student had lifted from there seats, leaving a trail of her floral perfume behind her and a ghostly white wash past the door frame.

The End

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