A girl in a painting haunting me still continuing .....

“Class quiet down now.”

I turned to look at Mrs Redwing, when I saw her….

 She entered the room with a soft glow of light around her, she was like an angel. Her hair long and wavy, chocolate brown with a hint of gold, which shone at every move in the sunlight. She wore a short white flowing dress with sliver threaded through in places making it sparkle. She was beautiful. I realised I must have been starring at her open mouthed as she looked over and smiled at me causing me to turn a embarrassing shade of red. Her eyes bore through me as she looked over, I felt like she was whispering sweet words into my heart. I knew from that day on I couldn’t let her out of my sight or go with any other, for she was my mystery girl I was sure of that now, and I think she did too.

“Halo man, snap out of it, look who just walked into class.”

“What the new kid?”

“Nah man, she ain’t all that.” Was he blind, or did he seriously need glasses? “No look its Freddie and Georgia. Why don’t you go with Georgia to Elle’s party on Saturday?”

“Rocco you worry me, and nah I’m cool.”

“Me worry you? Halo, you’re starting to worry me, you have turned down every girl in the school. Now if you like a little bit of bum and all then that’s cool man I totally get you, but I warn you hit on me and I will kick your face in.”

“Woooo Rocco hold up, I am not gay, there is someone I like ok.” I glanced over at her again; she was now sitting by the window at the back corner of the room, staring out of the window. Gosh what I wouldn’t give just to see her smile again.

“Wow man she is something, since when did she go to our school? I haven’t seen her around and if I had I would have banged her by now.” I wonder why he hadn’t noticed her earlier, oh wait no I don’t. Freddie is all I’m going to say on that matter.

“Her name is Aura Amelia Portaculous don’t you listen to anything Miss Grey says?”

“No, and how the hell did you remember her name? That is something man, seriously it takes me two years to learn someone’s name. I mean who is that new kid, the red head?”

I glanced over at Rochelle who was picking at her fingernails. “Her names Rochelle Green and she is not new she has been in our form for a year now.”

“Exactly my point. Anyway who cares what her name is, her hair alone sets my heart on fire, quick get me some water because it is getting hot in here.” Then he broke into song in some high pitch Michael Jackson voice “It’s getting hot in here, so hot, so take off all your clothes.”

“Sad man, real sad.”

“Aww come on I’m only messing about, can’t a guy have some fun.”

“Fun in your case is a different story.” He really was in denial; fun to him is getting laid and abusing hot girls with his insulting fraises. “So what’s the deal with Freddie?”

The End

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