A girl in a painting haunting me continued .....

 “Oi, Halo I saved a seat for you back here.” Rocco shouted over the load humming of the students on our bus. I moved down slowly pushing past the excited kid’s falling over to get a seat next to their friend. “Hey Rocco how was your weekend?” Bad question to ask Rocco, it never changed always the same story. “Mate you never guess who I got off with at Ben’s party. Hey anyway why weren’t you there?”

“I told you I had to look after my Nan while my grandfather went for a scan at the hospital.”

“Cool man. Anyway, so yer I got off with that Alison chick, you know the one who sits at the front of my maths class. Man she is hot with that skirt and did you get a load of her boobs they are huge!  I swear she has been after me for ages.”

“Weren’t you also after her?”

“Who wouldn’t be?” He was always like this, one girl after another. The longest of his relationships lasted two weeks with some girl called Karen; she was so heart broken she left the school, poor girl. But I had to give Rocco some credit usually he lets the girls come to him, you know as he always says “Come on man, I am that hot the girls would serve themselves to me on a silver plattered plate.” What an arse, anyway so yer this time he seems to have been perusing the girl himself, maybe it will last longer then two weeks this time seeing as he may actually be into her. “Halo when are you going to get yourself a girl, you know how much Tara likes you why not go out with her? Or are you still after this mystery girl in your painting? Come on man you probably saw her in a film or something.” But that was just it I hadn’t, after I had painted the girl in the green dress I watched every film I had ever seen in search for her but she wasn’t there. “Give over, you know I’m not?”

“Look Halo I’m just worried about you alright, I don’t like to see my best mate all alone and miserable it’s not a good image for the girls.”

“Don’t worry I’m fine I just haven’t met anyone I like.” Yet….. because today I would meet the girl who would bind my heart and make it whole. Her name was Aura Amelia Portaculous.

The End

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