A girl in a painting haunting me (Chapter 2)


“Mum have you got my lunch? I’m going to be late getting the bus. MUM!” Where was she with my lunch I was going to be late. Got you! I thought as I saw the brown paper bag on the kitchen side along with a note. ‘Sorry I missed you this morning but you where in the shower, I had to pop out early with your dad we have had another case at the office, so you will need to get yourself home tonight. Have a good day. Love mum x’. Great, another one of their mysterious cases, they wouldn’t be home till the early hours of the morning. My parents are both top barristers in Evington; we live in a rather small town so it can probably be expected that most things here are known to all.


So anyway my name is well kind of weird not your usual fifteen going on sixteen year olds name, Halo Reaper, I don’t know what possessed my parent to give me that name in the first place. When I tried to ask they kept saying it is your calling my son, I mean what! Don’t get me wrong the name is kind of different and suits me in a strange way but my parent’s names are worse.  My mum, Memory Reaper aged thirty three, and then my father Requiem Reaper aged thirty eight, a manager and lawyer of R&R barristers association.  I go to Dalla High School for the gifted and talented, makes it sound like some sort of magic school but it’s not just an average school of art and music, anything people have a gift in really. My gift is painting I’ve knew where I got my ideas from but at least the finished products looks good. I remember once in my art lesson I painted a girl with lightly olive skin, she had dark brown hair with a hint of gold in it, long and wavy. She wore a long green flowing dress blown behind her like a cape as if there was a gust of wind from within the painting. Her eyes where captivating a sort of golden brown, ones which could stare right through your soul and know every thought you ever had. She was stood by a lake and blossom tree facing the water yet tilting her head away and smiling, as if she was smiling at me, I have never forgotten that smile even if it is only something I painted. She seemed almost real. Mrs Redwing was so impressed she had it framed in the school hall so that each time we came in for assembly she would smile at you and let you know that your day was going to be that much better.



The End

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