An existance beyond me

This is inspired by every awsome vampire movie out there with a little romance and a large twist :P
it is about the typical boy meets girl....romeo meets his julliet.........yet there is the biggest lie of all hidden amongst this, as are boy Halo crosses paths to try to be with the one he loves, going against every legacy he holds in his blood...............



Chapter 1


The end of a love




For years I questioned my existence…why was I put here? My family and I are not like others, but unlike the rest of my family I was born this way, not created and for these reasons you and I cannot be together. We will never be accepted, but my love for you will be forever strong and this is why I write to tell you that the end has come.





How could I dream of ever being without her?




For centuries we have walked amongst them. Why did I never know? Why has it taken now for me to find out? Why did I not realise this? Her beauty was so breath taking, her eyes ripped through my soul placing a chain around, I am trapped, yet this is where I wish to be right now. Without her I don’t think I would be alive now.


Two months ago I was a normal guy with not a care in the world; to be fair I was not your usual character of a novel, the kind of person who in the end gets the happy ending. No, I am a member of a large known society to the underworld, The Legacy of the Reapers, in which a legend is told. It has taken for me to find out on my 16th birthday that I am part of this legacy.


This is my tale of a forbidden love in which I write for you Aura.


The End

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