An Exercise in Attention Deficit Disorder

The goal is to create a stream-of-consciousness run-on sentence. Each sentence should be complete, such that the end of one sentence is the beginning of the next. Rather than use periods, simply capitalize the final/starting word. Hope that makes sense. IN my post, the first sentence ends with $200.

Most days I spend $200 for passing go in monopoly really needs to be adjusted for Inflation is very cool, especially when it is used on the flat tires of a truck carrying Balloons simply take my breath Away is such a strange word, because divided it means a path towards something and together it moves you further from your present State of the union sure seems like a strange name for a speech about an entire Country always sounded like a really dirty word until my father explained that it meant a nation of immigrants who create Trash are people who crap in gutters and leech off the system so they don’t have to Work is an american pastime in which folks make Money makes the world go ‘round like a thimble on a monopoly board, especially if it’s $200 for passing go in monopoly.


The End

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