An Everlasting Peace

As he watches the city of his birth one last time, a young man yearns for an everlasting peace.

He sat on the old mossy rock as the city slept peacefully below him. The lights from the numerous windows and LCD screens speared up into the sky, like search lights looking for something high above. The lack of noise that was coming from below him was at odds for once to the forest behind him, the creatures who lived there making their usual calls before settling down to another peaceful night. He smiled, amazed at the silence that was around him. Having lived in the city all his life, he rarely knew silence. In fact, he had thought of silence as a bad thing for most of his life until recently. He chuckled at how naive he had been back then, he now knew of course, that silence was a glorious thing in the right place.

Suddenly feeling a sharp pain in his heart, he grabbed his chest as he coughed up something warm that seemed to taste very strongly of iron. As he spat the contents of his mouth on the floor, he was grateful that it was nighttime, even though he already knew what it was. Most of the doctors he had been too and people he knew were all at a loss as to why he was dying, even after the multitude of tests that had been ran on him. However, there had been one, a spiritualist who his girlfriend had sent him too in desperation. He remembered her now, the hippy looking woman, standing in front of him as he knelt on one of the many cushions she had, holding his head in her hands. She had told him exactly what he already knew, although instead of being angry, he had instead been grateful that he was not the only one who could see it.

Taking deep breaths as the pain slowly went away, he sighed to himself, watching the air automatically turning into puffs of smoke as he breathed. It was getting harder to breathe by the day since it had become evident that he wasn`t well. He couldn`t believe that his breathing would be the first to go on him, back then and even now at that moment in time. He had always thought, and with good reason, that it would be his mind that would die first and then everything else would follow. But, as was his personality, he never did do things by the book.

As he sat there, smirking at how his breath turned to smoke, he felt a small and delicate hand rest upon his shoulder. Most people would of jumped, even with how gentle it was, but he did not even have enough energy for that. Turning his head to see who it was, he smiled with pure happiness, something that he wasn`t even sure he could remember how to do. Staring back at him was the face of what could only be described as an angel. Her face, though thin, was kind and warm, the odd freckles spotted on it`s checks making it more cute than beautiful. Her smile, as it could only have been a woman, was petite and yet true. There was no hint of dishonesty or untruth behind it. The emotions he could see on her face were truly genuine.

Taking her tiny hand in his own, he gently kissed the top of it, silently marvelling at how smooth it was. It was exactly as he remembered it, all those years ago back when he had been young and foolish. Slowly, but sure standing to his feet, he copied her hand as it moved from his to slowly brush across his cheek. Brushing her hair from her face with his other hand, he whispered to her, only loud enough so not even the birds and animals could hear him.

"I`m glad it`s you, you know. Only you could fix this broken heart of mine."

At hearing this, she smiled again. Although unlike the last time, this smile was now one of sadness, and she gently placed her hand across his heart, as though she was feeling his heartbeat through his shirt.

"Please, my love." He begged, his desperation betraying him in his cracking voice. "Don`t let me stay like this. I can`t do this anymore." He added, placing his own hand across hers, trying desperately to restrain himself from crying in front of her.
Nodding in agreement at his plea to her, she stood up on her tiptoes in front of him, still looking up at him with her beautiful brown eyes, holding onto his chest to support herself as she did so. Just as he was about to speak to her yet again, she stopped him, one of her delicate fingers pressed onto his lips, shaking her head. As she brushed his cheek one more time, she now spoke, her voice as beautiful as a robin singing in the snow.

"Be at peace, my love. For you will be heart broken no longer."

And with uttering those last words that he would ever hear, she kissed him gently on the lips, sending numerous bolts of electricity through his body as finally, his last wish came true. As everything fadded into a blinding white light around him, he smiled. He was finally at peace.

The End

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