The shadow was of a maid

Drew stood with his back to the massive door of the hall. His legs had turned to jelly from running and his breath was shallow and course.

As he saw the shadow appear in the doorway to one of the rooms off the large, vaulted hallway in which he stood, he half breathed a sigh of relief before the panic began rising again. If that thing got in no number of people would be able to stop it. He may well have put lives in danger trying to save himself.

The shadow seemed to be that of the maid, though the light was shallow, perhaps that of a candle. This seemed odd considering the electrical illumination flooding the front of the house from the upper levels of the building.

His voice was strained as he spoke, expecting the thunder of club like fists to begin pulverising the antique wood behind him.

"I, I'm sorry to burst in like this but I'm being followed and ..."

The form of the maid should have come into view by now. Instead the shadow lingered, the light hovering somewhere slightly out of view.

The expected rumble of the monsters entrance didn't come. Instead there where seconds of eerie silence. Still the figure did not shift.

With a sense of urgeny Drew ran towards the woman but when he reached the spot in which she stood he realised that there was nobody there. The shadow was being cast by a wraught iron statue just inside the living room door. It was holding a decorative torch which glowed faintly against the repressive darkness which seemed to prevail here. He'd seen it come on. Someone must have lit it.

He flashed a look back to the door. Still not a sound, nothing from the walking, moaning powerhouse that had chased him here.

He was alone ... but he couldn't be.

He tried to calm himself enough to think clearly.

The End

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