An Evening At Walden Hall

The rain lashed against Drew's face as he dashed across the lawn. The earth beneath him had endured so much of the downpour that it was reduced to little more than a soft sludge, making even a gentle stroll across it's soil seem a challenging fete. Yet Drew knew he could afford no such luxuries. He looked over his shoulder, the figure still ambling in his direction. No matter how fast he ran, or with what ease the creature followed in his lunging paces, the distance between them barely fluctuated by more than a foot or two.

They were drawing nearer and nearer towards the old stone walls of Walden Hall. Lights from upstairs windows were casting more and more light onto the figure, causing Drew's heart to beat with more force and desperation than he had previously thought possible.

The creature appeared in almost all manners to be human, yet his face betrayed any promise of that having been the case. It was like staring into the gaunt, expressionless skull of a corpse. Yet somewhere in that face (he could not pinpoint where) was a menace that sent through him a terror he had not felt since childhood. The creature was well over six feet tall and built to match, his frame making Drew's appear almost child like. His long, matted hair swung too and fro obscuring his face from time to time.

Finally, Drew reached the large oak door of Walden Hall, his hair matted and dirty clinging to his face. His frantic knocks echoed infinately, as you'd imagine they would in an empty castle. On his fifth knock the door began to open. Drew took no time to enter, the creatures large boots squelching in the mud only meters behind him. The room he entered was empty but a stirring could be heard upstairs. I light came on to his right and he turned to see a shadow in a doorway leading to what appeared to be the living room.

The End

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