Two CountsMature

"Now, for the record what is your name kid?" the man asked as he sat down on the opposite side of the table. "Sesome... Sesome Moet," came the soft voice, possibly the first words he had spoken since in the office. Head looking now down at the table, shoulders hunched slightly as if he was trying to shrink out of sight. Obviously spooked and presenting himself in a docile manner, it could have been all an act but something in the investigator's mind rung that it wasn't. "Nice to meet you Sesome, I am Detective Dominick Now.. What happened?" There was silence.

"May I just write a confession?" Sesome asked he knew the other was playing good cop... But he just wanted to get this over with.

"You do understand what you are being count with.. Tw-"

"Two counts of first degree murder.... I-i know this Detective and to make our lives easier.. I would just like to write my confession," the raven haired male stated again. He could feel tears stinging the back of his green eyes, but they would not fall.

He had loved his mother. The woman was most likely a full blown abusive sociopath that he had shot in the head, but he had loved her and simply killing still left him trembling. Writing the confession had been rather simple, he pled guilty, and things were running as smoothly as they could until... Something came up. The male had not been able to be identified at first, Sesome had not known his real name nor even his full alias...

However, it was found that the male Sesome had shot in the chest was part of probably one of the wealthiest and most politically prominent families of Latvia. Why he was in bed with an American woman was not thought of right at the moment and Sesome never spoke unless it was a few passing thank you's or questions he legally had to answer.

Truly, Sesome had no idea what was going on. He had been sentenced to as an adult in California at the time, but with the whole drama set up the fifteen-year-old had been set in solitary confinement.

The End

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