Chapter One

Abernath smiled at the sound of his mother’s voice. He poked his head around the door and spotted his mother sitting in her favourite chair by the fire. Her face broke into a giant grin as she spotted her eldest child.

“Hi mum,” Abernath said, smiling as his mother threw out her arms and beckoned him over.

“There’s my boy! Oh, I missed you so!” His mother was crying already, he had thought it would take her a little longer. “Give your old mum a hug.”

Abernath obliged, letting her squeeze him tightly. “I have something for you.”

“I’ve told you before not to get me anything when you go off travelling,” his mother scolded, but he could see the curiosity building behind her periwinkle eyes.

He reached into his bag and pulled out another parcel wrapped with crinkled paper and tied with string. The twins chose that moment to burst into the room, screeching loudly.

“Quiet!” their mother roared.

The twins stopped dead in their tracks and plodded over to the sofa, where they sat down quietly and looked nervously at their mother. The three kids watched their mother as she took her parcel and unwrapped it. Abernath bit his tongue nervously, hoping she would like his gift.

“Abe!” his mother exclaimed breathlessly as she pulled out a small ivory figure of a couple dancing.

Abernath beamed at his mother. “It was part of a set in Linkpor. Per and Pen have the rest of it.”

The End

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