Chapter One

Abernath is a fifteen year old kid just trying to make life easier for his family. With his mother's prized magic cow, his younger siblings the twins, and a mysterious floating skull in tow, Abernath sets out on the long journey to Fibbletown - the Royal Capital - to try and win the princess's favour.
It won't be easy though, a necromancer has his sights set on Abernath and he doesn't want him to reach the castle.

“Doomed! We’re all doomed!”

Abernath rolled his eyes at the man standing in the centre of the square, screaming at the people walking past—it seemed like every week there was some new oddity in the centre of town. He hitched his bag higher on his shoulder and looked around for Lewin. The old bloodhound was stalking a flock of pigeons that were scavenging the cobbles for pieces of food. The doom-sayer’s cries were drowned out by Lewin’s manic barking as he bounded clumsily towards the birds. Abernath watched him with a bemused smile—the crowd was less pleased. After several shouts of ‘get that old mutt!’, Abernath thought it best they leave the townsfolk to their doom-sayer and head home.

“Come on, old boy,” he shouted, whistling for Lewin to return.

The hound lumbered towards him and skid to a halt by his side, his large drooping eyes staring woefully up at him despite the excited wag of the tail. Abernath scratched the old dog’s ear and turned towards the row of old stone houses that stood before them. Four or five of the houses were wedged together on each side of the street, with a small path in between each set. The houses all looked the same—plain grey stone, three windows and one door on the front, plain grass gardens and small stone paths. Dull was how Abernath would describe it. Still, he thought, with the sky being as blue as it is today, the houses look almost cheerful.

He continued down the path until he reached the tall, cracked stone wall that heralded the edge of town. Lewin scuttled across the dusty road towards a house that was squished between the wall and the rest of the houses on the street.

The End

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