An Epic Adventure through Political Intrigue.

Tommy had woken, refreshed, from a full nights sleep. He was excited a smile stretched across his small face from one end to the other. He rushed down stairs and pulled on Margaret’s arm incessantly.

“Hey! Hey! Stop talking on the phone I have something t’say” Margaret apologized to the other line and turned to Tommy.

 “Stop being so rude, I’m on the phone.”

“But I had the Greatest dream EVER!” he moaned.

“Then write it down for me so you don’t forget it.”

He ran into the living room and grabbed a pencil and paper. He sat down at the coffee table and gently placed his tools together, the first line appearing from the tip of lead. Meant to make a letter. Destined to become a sentence. Born to become a tail of ‘An Epic Adventure through Political Intrigue’.




Josh was asleep. He woke up. it was 9:00!!! OH NO! he was late for his companee!! He put his sherts and pants on fast and got down stares and kissed his wife goodby. He jumped in the car and put the pedle to the medle. he ran a red lite becus he had to get to his meating! But the cops saw him and ternd on their lites! He went faster to get away! He turned a corner and got away! He cud slow down now he didnt want to be chased AGAN. Wen he got to his companee the meating was gust starting so he greeted the bisnes mens and sat down and got his papers and his coffe.

The End

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