Jaya's Journey


Jaya was barely 20 when she got married to Arindam. She was the centre of envy and curse when they got married. That night, many hearts were broken amidst the lights of fireworks and sounds of ‘Dhol-Baja’. People still remember the wedding. It was a big fat Indian wedding. Many spinsters had their last look over the mesmerizing smile and the chiseled body of Arindam and sighed in misery. Arindam was doing very well as a businessman in his town. He was one of the most eligible bachelors in the town with his enviable income, handsome looks and respected surname.

Jaya too had her share of admiration. Actually, she was in love when she got married to the most eligible man in the town. She was in love with a man who wrote her love letters, who kept her picture inside his book, a man who was not good enough according to her father. He was Nirman.  He was a brilliant singer with a promising future. They met in one of the cultural tours. She was representing her school in dance on a national platform and he was the voice of the school. Music connected them instantly. Their love was still blooming when she got married. But no one doubted the intensity of Nirman’s love. Nirman passed away last year as a single soul. His broken heart was all he had because it made him the most loved soulful voice of the country and his fame spread beyond borders. He left behind his fame, money and many memories. Every song he wrote had a history.

Jaya never missed a chance to go for any such tours, partly because of Nirman and mostly because she did not want to stay home with her mother. She hated her mother. Jaya’s mother had given her away to a childless couple when she was born. Jaya came back to the family only when her grand mother brought her back. It was the pressures from the society on failing to produce a son for the 4th time, made her mother do that sin. Jaya understood that but she refused to forgive her. This bitterness remained in her heart forever. Jaya was always ‘the distant’ child of the family of 5 children. 4 daughters and a son. Her father was one of the wealthiest people in the town. It was hard to tell why he spoiled Jaya with innumerable gifts from the countries he visited for work. Was that the guilt or pure love for the youngest daughter? He treated her like a princess and that made her mother even stricter with Jaya.

Jaya had very limited friends. Aparna was an amazing dancer and was one of her closest friend. Aparna was the youngest of the 7 children of ‘The Chouhans’. Chouhan family had their roots going back to the royal families and kingdoms. They were the ‘Zameendars’ who lent their lands to the farmers and in return they earned a huge part of their harvest. Arindam was the 3rd of the 6 sons. It came as a shock to the elders in the family when he decided to enter into trading and business. It was an unknown territory for them. But, he did really well and quickly made his own identity as a smart trader.  

Jaya and Arindam met at Arindam’s place when she went with Aparna for a dance rehearsal. Jaya’s simple beauty and shy eyes impressed Arindam in no time. Aparna noticed that her brother was falling for her best friend. She invited Arindam to many of their performances. Everytime Arindam fell some more for the shy young girl Jaya. There was a gap of 10 years between them. Slowly, it became very evident that Arindam wanted Jaya in his life. It was difficult. They belonged to two different worlds. But Arindam’s sincere love convinced his family. And, one fine day he approached Jaya’s father for her hand. He introduced himself and after some time he unveiled the reason of his arrival.

He knelt down and said, “Sir, I love your youngest daughter Jaya. I know you love her very much. That is why I had the courage to stand here before you and tell you this. We both love her like life. I want to marry her and I promise she’ll be loved much more than she has ever been loved.” Jaya’s father was out of words at this challenging proposal. Arindam’s sincere way, won him Jaya’s hand.

While Jaya was jotting a reply to Nirman’s love letter, her fate was getting written by her father and Arindam. Her father promised her hand to Arindam. No one asked for Jaya’s approval. One of her sisters informed her that she was very lucky to get married to Arindam from the Chouhan Family. She stood numb. Tears fell down her cheeks. She could not even protest. Her words were stopped at her lips with her father’s hopefully moist eyes and the congratulatory sweets. She tore the letter she had in her hands and wrote the LAST letter. She met Nirman for the last time that evening. She came back and sinked into her bed for days. Everyone thought she was upset because she’s leaving her home to get married at such a young age. Life was not that simple. Nor was love. 

The End

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