As I walked from my room to the door, the distance seemed longer than ever. I opened the door for my mother, a new face and a new phase I had not imagined. 

“Welcome.” I was blushing as if all my blood is going to spill out of my cheeks. 

She nodded with grace. An introvert that I am, I did not waste a second. I started observing her. She was over 30, a round face, stands slightly to the heavier side, big round red bindi, thick layer of kajal in her big round eyes, long curly hair tied in safe homely bun, wearing a simple cotton saree…that’s her. 

“She’s my daughter Jia. And Jia, she’s Ananya, our new neighbor.” 

“Yes. I saw you moving in. So, welcome to our neighborhood.” There was no enthusiasm or warmth in my voice. I have a tendency to react exactly opposite to how I want to. I like to hide. I turned around to my room.   

“Thank you very much Jia.” A pause and a smile. “So, what are you doing?” It was just a formal question. My eyes could not contain my happiness because in my mind it was a beginning. I wanted to reply with the same sparkle in the eyes and a smile on my lips. But, the next moment I reacted just the way I would. 

 “The usual. I work in Weblink as an assistant to the Manager.” I can be surprisingly unenthusiastic about life. I need QUICK recovery! It was the time for some damage control. I tried to pep up our first conversation. “Only good thing about my office is it serves the best coffee in the world. And, my desk is right next to the coffee machine. What more can one ask for? So, I hope mother did not bore you.” 

“Naah. It is very kind of her to help me out in arranging the house. It could not have been possible without her. Seriously! Thank you Jaya. And, you…Stop being mean your mother.”

Life is not all that good, I guess. One conversation with her filled me with a new hope. May be I still haven’t had my fights. May be I had given up too soon on life. Our stories are not that different. Only difference was life turned me bitter and she still believed in living. As she opened life to us, mother had tears and I was left with a thought. You don’t lose in life until you give up. She did not give up. And, I hurried to the conclusion.

The End

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