*continuation* Chapter 1- A New BeginningMature

Chapter one- A New Beginning. *continuation*

Michael's POV

"Did you get the invitation for our Uni get together which Laurence arranged?", he asks, stopping into my new home. He gives me the keys and I lock the dark brown, wooden door, having a metal handle.

"Yeah, I did. You're going?"

"Yup. Gina and I don't want to miss it. How about you? You're coming, right?"

"Who all are invited?", I ask, avoiding his question.

"Almost everyone who went to the uni with us. Even Justin Ryder is coming, man!", he says and I almost doubt my hearing sense.

"Justin Ryder! Are you sure?", I ask and he lets out a soft laugh.

"Even I wasn't able to believe it when Laurence told me that. I thought he was kidding. Gina almost passed out when she heard that Laurence invited Justin."

Laurence and Justin are the definition of foes. They became enemies from the first day of uni, fighting over a girl named Ruby. Whenever they saw each other, they never moved from the place without bruises. The girl, Ruby had to go through depression and dropped out of the uni.

"Poor Ruby.", I comment.

"Yeah, poor Ruby.", he says, making himself comfortable on the couch.

"Is she coming?", I ask, adding extra emphasis on the word 'she'. The dimwit may not understand who I'm referring to.

"Ruby is coming, man. She's married, now and has four or five kids.", he says, yawning.

"I'm not asking about Ruby, you dimwit.", I snap.

"Jessa?", he asks in a soft tone. In his eyes, I could see that he misses her too. Jessa and him were more like sister and brother.

I nod in reply.

"Laurence found everyone except her. He found Jared, and he's coming. But, he refused to reveal any information about Jessie. So, he asked their parents, but they said that they didn't know. Jared is hiding details about his sister from their own parents. So, we can't expect him to say anything about her to us."

"So, there's no information about Jessa?"

"Not a piece of information."

The party was my last hope to meet her, but now that's also gone. I screwed up everything!

"Maybe, she's married.", Arran says casually.

The thought of her being with another man kills me.Is she married?Does she love her husband?Does he kiss her the way I used to?Do they make love like we did?Or worse, do they have kids?

"Chill, dude! I just said that she may be married. I didn't say that she is ma-"

I signaled his to stop beforehand could complete the sentence.

"Don't say that!"

"Fine, fine. God has written everything. If god has written that she's yours, nobody can change it."

I smiled at the thought of her being mine.

"Don't smile too much. If god has written that she isn't yours, nobody can change that too."

My smile dropped as I heard that.

Even if I don't believe that our future is written, something in me wishes that god has written 'Jessica Precious Fernandez is for Michael Edward Anderson, only for Michael Edward Anderson'.

"I don't believe in the 'fate sh!t'."

"Ya mate, I truly believe what you just said. You just didn't wish that God has written her for you.", he replied sarcastically.

Are you a mind reader?

"How's Gina?", I asked about my pregnant sister.

"She's good. She still has morning sickness and all, but she's doing good. She doesn't know the baby's gender, yet. First, we planned to not ask the doctor, but I asked when she was outside the consultation room. You know I'm too curious about everything."

After a few minutes, Arran leaves to his house. He didn't forget to threaten to kill me if I don't show up at 7:00AM sharp, at his house.


The End

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