Chapter 1- A New BeginningMature

It is important to have ego to survive in this world. You must think of yourself, a lot. People know that, and without doubt, everyone has ego. It's just the intensity that differs from person to person. But, there are many brainless bozos who only have ego. You see such people everywhere, school, uni, office, next door, maybe in the mirror too. They value their useless ego too much that they lose everything except ego, like important people. But, when you realize the importance of what you lost

Chapter one- A New Beginning.

Michael's POV

"I'll be okay, mom.", I assure.

"Call us after you get to your new apartment.", my father says. "Sure, dad." Dad is my first hero, he worked in the Australian Army. Now, retired. The stories he said about the army always inspired me, and made me dream of becoming the next him. But, when I was sixteen, I lost interest in it.

Now, where are my manners? Let me introduce you to myself. I'm Michael Anderson, 26, the newly appointed General Manager-'Delights chocolates' in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I'm anAustralian and am at the airport to go to Dubai.

Have you heard of a 26 year old being forced by his parents to go somewhere? No?

Well, hear it now. My parents forced me to get a transfer from Melbourne to some other place and the only vacancy for my position is in the Dubai branch.

"Are you thinking about that girl, again?", my mom asks angrily.

"No. Why?", I use a plain tone.

"We are sending you away from this country just so that you could forget about her. You will not be able to find her, Mike. Most probably, she would be married, now. She may even have children. So, just don't think about her.", my father says in his stern tone.

"Okay, dad.", I lie. I've tried to explain them many times, but they just don't understand. Of course they can't, they don't know what love is. They were forced into an arranged marriage. I was born because my grandma (dad's mom) wanted to see her grandchild before dying. Something funny is that she's still alive. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy she's alive. But, I'm scared that she would want to see my child before dying and I'm not even in a relationship. Regina, my little sister was the result of my father's one drunken night.

Both Gina and I had a very awkward childhood. I'm not trying to say that my parents do t love us enough or something like that. They raised us the proper way and taught us the values of life. They love us, but they don't love each other. That's the reason they can never understand my actions.

'What actions?', you may ask.

Some actions that I myself am ashamed of. Looking around a lot, like a lot. Going through the same photo album more than once a day. Going to Perth and sometimes Sydney, every weekend. Reading every sports newspaper and magazine more than one time. Going to the cemetery at Sydney, on specific days (her birthday, her mummy's birthday and death day, her daddy's birthday and death day). But, none of the days I got to meet her. I've been doing all this for seven years, irrespective of how busy I am.

She's not even there on social media! Even my ten year old cousin is there on Facebook. Her twin, my former best friend is there on Facebook. But, that idiot blocked me! He blocked Gina, and our friend Arran so that I don't see his activities through their account.

He's such a-

"When you come back, we'll get you married to a nice girl.", my father says.

"Well, then I'm settling in Dubai forever and never step into your house again. If you want a grandchild, let me remind you that your daughter is pregnant right now, and she'll grant your wish in a few weeks."

"But, the baby wouldn't be an Anderson, it's a Flynn baby.", my mother tries to justify.

"Look here, mom. We're at an airport, and not at home. This isn't something to discuss at a public place. We can speak about this if I ever come back from Dubai. Time to regret forcing me to get out of my own country. Bye, mom. Bye, dad.", I say and push forward, the trolley of my suitcases.


"Hi, I'm Jake Thompson. You?", they boy seated next to me brings forward his hand for a handshake. He is young and looks like he's at least 18. I shake his hand and introduce myself.

"Michael Anderson."

"What is the reason for your trip to Dubai, Mr. Anderson?"

"Call me Michael. I got a job transfer to Dubai. What about you?", I ask.

"It's in my bucket list to visit a Middle East country, so I'm going. This is the first time I'm flying, so I'm a bit scared. So, I'm trying to distract myself into making new friends. Be my friend? Even though I'm just 18?"

"Sure, Jake.", I say and give him a friendly smile. He reminds me of the 19 year old Arran, I met in college and now I'm his brother-in-law. Yes, he married Regina. After having the refreshments, Jake begins to talk to me.

"Have you ever been in love, Michael?", he asks, and the tone of his voice shows hesitance. His eyes glimmer with hope and curiosity.

I smile. "Yes, once. Why do you ask?"

"I've heard many people talk about it. My mother passed away when she gave birth to my brother, and my father hasn't remarried or shown interest in any woman. When I asked him about it, he said that his heart only belongs to my mother. I asked him to move on, but he said that I wouldn't understand until I'm in love. I want to try to understand my dad's situation, but I can't. Do you understand anything?", he asks in a nearly pleading tone.

He's a very good son, I believe. He wants to understand his father's problems and know why he can't move on. If only my parents could understand my situation..

"I do understand, Jake. Have you taken drugs?", I ask.

"Um-once.. But, I don't take them anymore. I stopped once I knew that it's addictive and bad for health. How is that related to what we're talking about?", he scrunches his nose up, expressing his confusion.

"To the brain, falling in love is same as taking cocaine."

He gives me an expression that says 'what the hell?'.

"You can google it if you don't believe me. So, once you fall in love with a woman, you cannot retrieve yourself. How much ever you try to date other women, you keep comparing them with the woman you loved. It brings back memories. If you try to do one night stands, you'll get hurt badly, because you'll feel like you're betraying her. Only the people who are exceptionally strong can move on. Moving on from your love is a gift, which very few people get.", I explain.

"How do you know?", he asks.

"Experience.", I answer in one word.

"Sh*t! You're undergoing heartbreak?", he asks like I just said I'm his long lost brother. I chuckle at his reaction.

"Not heartbreak. I don't think there's a term to explain what I'm undergoing. I did a mistake, a huge one. So, I lost a girl. Later, I realized that I was in love with her, but it was too late as she left me."

"You love her still?"

"I don't know. I loved her seven years back, but I'm not sure if I love her or not. It's just too complicated, so I don't think of it anymore."


I wake up from my two hours of sleep to hear the announcements. Finally, we're going to land at Dubai International Airport after the fourteen hours of traveling. Arran said that he would be there to pick me up, even though it's now 2:00 AM. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

After we land, I say a quick goodbye to Jake and he says 'bye', yawning loudly. A heavy sleeper, he is. Can't blame him, that was one activity I loved a lot when I was his age.

After completing the usual formalities, I collect my suitcases and check out of the airport. I place my suitcases on the trolley and move forward. Jet lag hurts like hell! A good sleep will help me get rid of it.

Walking a few more steps outside, I find Arran waving at me. I wave back to let him know that I saw him. Arran and my sister got married a few months back and I can't be happier for my sister and best friend. Arran is more like a brother to me, and

"Finally you're here, bro!", he says, giving me a hug.

"How was the travel?", he asks as he leads me to his car.

"You know I hate traveling, so don't ask.", I say, rubbing my eyes and yawning at the same time.

"I know, I know. Jet lag hurts like a b*tch!" We stop behind his car and begin to load my suitcases to the back of his black Land Cruiser.

"Didn't your wife threaten you to make you sleep on the couch if you cuss?", I remind him. She has something against cussing, and Arran cusses worse than a sailor. They make a very unlikely combination.

He chuckles. "Yeah, man. That sucks! These days, I can't even bribe her with one of my kisses because she doesn't allow me near her when I'm 'punished'. I've been cussing for thirteen years, buddy. I can't atop it abruptly. But, seeing that we'll get a baby in a few weeks, I must stop cussing. I don't want her to hear bad words.", he says, closing the dickey.

"Her? It's a girl?", I ask.

"I hate my mouth, it has a separate mind of its own. And yeah, I'm gonna have a daughter to call me daddy.", he says, grinning.

"So, you lost the bet you made against Gina, huh?"

Arran made a bet, saying that the baby is a boy. But, Gina always said that the baby is a girl.

"Yeah. We made bets, like kids. But, our baby's gender doesn't matter. We love the baby a lot no matter what."

As we are seated in the car, I borrow Arran's phone and text my parent that I've landed safely and am going home, right now.

"According to the orders of Her Highness Regina Gertrude Flynn, I'm driving you straight to your house. She has decorated the house on her own, taking her own time to purchase things for her sweet brother. She has given you permission to sleep till 7:00AM, to get rid of the jet lag. But, you must be there for breakfast at the residence of Mr and Mrs. Flynn. If the above orders are not followed by Mr. Anderson, his best friend, the highly whipped Arran Flynn will have to undergo the immense pain of sleeping on the couch, without his beloved wife.", he says.

I chuckle at how whipped he is and doesn't even bother about it. Would I be like this, now if I hadn't done that one mistake? Being whipped by her, and love her more every second... Sounds so good. But, I can't think about it, now. She's in some part of Australia and I'm fourteen hours away from her. I must forget her.


The End

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