An eatable essay

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The Hummingbird Diet

Typical scence from my life, I'm hacking from the cigarette and or pot fumes. Someone looks at me through squinted and bloodshot eyes. They let out a puff of smoke and say " So you don't smoke, you don't drink, what do you do?" I eat.

Ofcourse I don't say that but it really isn't much of secert...I am...or I was overweight, obese, chunky... I was an unattractive size 20, 225 pounds. I liked to eat. I still like to eat. Sugar is my crack. I have lied about it, hidden it, snuck it. Even now I live like a flipping humming bird: Sugar and water. A little flies thrown in for protein. Everything I eat is sweet from my mini wheats in the morning to my Pasta at night. I am a functioning junkie. I eat the stuff but not enough to spin out of control...again.

I am now a healthier size 10, 167 pounds. I know Im healthy because my shoulders still hurt from the chin ups i did two days ago and Im drinking water. I am healthy! Popsicle not withstanding. I try to eat healthy. You know eat more vegetables than bread and cheese. But cheese is just so much better than broccoli. i'll eat broccoli. I like broccoli. I just like cheese better. Cheese has lactose in it which is a type of sugar. It also taste nummy when melted. Broccoli has iron in it....I think. Point is I probably will always gravitate towards gluttony. I'll never be the person who lives of off flax seed and fancy organic vegetables. I want to be that person. That person could probably fit into a body suit no problem. I don't even know where i'd even wear the thing. I live downtown, thats a bad place to go strutting around in a bodysuit. But I do want to strut.

The End

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