Helpful Deeds

Awoken once more, I have a look around, breathing slowly calming as I revive from the plagiurus dreams.

then my breathing quickens it's paces again, today is the day. With an excitement not known to me for a long time, I run around my room, preparing for the day ahead.

At the HQ, I meet my teacher. "Good Luck Vallery" says she. I reply with a kindness only I posses and step into the booth which will transport me to my heaven.

A deep breath. A sigh of relief. I am down again. Free and able to help. Around me, young, old and carefree living walk past. Unbeknowing of the angel standing amongst them.

Immediately, fine tuned ears pick up the sound of a deafens less child in pain. To my feet I spring, straight to the sound.

Infront of me I find, a child of four years being beat by an older sibling. I step behind the offender, whispering into his ear.

The thoughts penetrate and he takes a step back. Shock and sorrow clouding his face.

"What have I done?" says he, sorrowfully to his brother. A hug they share and a present they buy.

A light heart within me, I skip around town, whispering words to those with horrible thoughts. More and more I help. More and more I feel good.

The End

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