For fifteen years, I have but watched. Unable to stop what people do to their children. Even after that long, still my bones ache. Every night, those evil eyes come back to haunt.

The only comfort I have, is that his death was slow and cold. Out in the streets, sobbing for his daughter lost.

Tomorrow, the day I have waited soloing for, the day I can go back down, can help those children from my own fate.

With a sigh, I get up and turn from my spot. I look at the wonders of the land before me. Rolling green hills and light blue sky's. Young children squealing in joy, the childhood I was never to have.

I head back my hut, feeling excitement for tomorrows morning and the excitement I am sure it will bring.

Sarah was my name. And now it has changed. As with my body, my mind and my spirit. I am now Vallerie. Strong, free and defiant. The past having changed everything I was.

My teachers are proud. My mother and father gone. I live by myself. Alone with my nightmares everyone believes I have forgotten. Alone with the eyes forever to be haunted.

Never will I allow another to share my fate.

With a great reluctance, I go to bed and close my eyes, allowing the eyes to fill my mind once more.

The End

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