Chapter 4.3

There was one school in Burenville.

It was a shabby little school and there simply because it was required. There was no teacher. At least no official teacher. The textbooks were years old and completely in disrepair. There was not a single book that didn’t have pages ripped out to fold paper airplanes or to make spitballs. The word “school” was just a title to the building.

The teacher of the school was a stocky old man, sharp tongued and liked to give assessments all the time. For some reason, the feeling of slapping F’s on people’s exams gave him deep pleasure. Nothing was better than a student who failed a test. Here, the goal was the fail. You were wasting your time if your tried to pass.

Which was the very reason why Mr. Goodberg hated Christian so much.

No matter how picky he tried to be, he never was able to lower that boy’s grade pass a “C”. He never got “F”s. It simply just did not happen.

Mr. Goodberg always made a point of telling the entire class his grade, not to praise him but make people hate him even more, not that it did anything. His fame with The Crazy Chickens was enough to keep most of the idiots who actually showed up at school away. Nothing could have made Mr. Goodberg more angry than that.

One of his favorite ways to punish Christian was to make him clean the room after school. He never minded though. It was the only time he could be alone somewhere, by himself, in peace without the need to worry if anyone might show up.

The only annoyance came from the fact that after everyone found out that he was cleaning the classrooms, most of the kids began to purposefully litter the ground and draw on the walls. They would do anything to give him a little more work to do.

But Christian never complained. He just shook his head and sighed. Lazy lazy people. Some day, when he was gone, they were going to miss him.

And so in this fashion, Christian spent most of his afternoons every weekday cleaning out the classrooms, throwing out the trash and rearranging everything for everyone to mess up the next day. Simply a never ending cycle.

There was one of the days where it had been the raining outside. The floors of the classroom were in particularly muddy and many of the asses made a point of stomping mud all over the place, including throwing it up onto the ceiling and slathering it all over the walls. It was a disgusting mess.

While Mr. Goodberg was not every happy teaching in his classroom with mud on the walls, he couldn’t disapprove of the act. It was more work for his least favorite student. It was a good thing. It was a small sacrifice for a greater pleasure.

That afternoon, Christian took just a little long than usual. The mud was hard to rinse off and there were no hoses in the school. He made more than a hundred runs from the bathroom to fill and refill his bucket with water. The entire time, he was left as school, alone and undisturbed.

“Christian?” His silence was broken by a familiar voice. He set his stuff down and looked up, seeing the only girl from the Nerd Gang. Lilia.

“Yeah?” He asked, wondering what she could ever want.

“Are you sure you don’t want to join us?”

Christian shook his head. This was something he was set on. Nothing would change his mind. Well, nothing so far changed his mind yet. Lilia sighed.

“I knew you would say that.” She stared down at the floor, silent for a moment.

“It there something else you want to tell me?”

“I-” Her face flushed red as she stuttered for a moment. “Actually, there’s someone that I think you might want to meet.”

“Really?” Christian rose an eyebrow in surprise. “Who?”

“She just like you. Alone and surviving just fine.”

“Who is this?”

“On the far side of the town, there’s a small worn house. You’ll see it immediately, it stands out quite well. The girl inside, Dianna, you might want to meet her.”

“Ok.” Christian nodded with a shrug. “I’ll go check it out.”

Lilia nodded back and slid out of the room, and the silence resumed. Christian turned back and picked up his stuff, now finishing his work with his mind more occupied. Another person alone. What would she be like? Recluse? Hateful? Skeptical to everyone?

The End

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