Chapter 4.2

“I’m sorry.” That afternoon, after the last bell had rang, the class quickly emptied. No one stayed behind to see what Christian was up too. They had too much gossip in mind already with the thugs and such. Only Angelica stay, like usual, putting her books slowly away, not that she had that many books today.

Christian shrugged.

“I guess I just have to get use to it.”

He got up and began cleaning the room again. Angelica was tempted to help, but held herself back. Who knew what her curse would do if she cleaned the room? She probably end up making the light drop from the ceiling or something.

So she sat there and watched him intently, those soft green eyes that focus so intently on the chalkboard. They stared at the board as if it was all there was in the world, the board and him, and it was his duty to take care of this board.

“Tell me a story.” She finally said, breaking the silence. “I want to hear more of Burenville.”

The End

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