Chapter 4.1

The next morning at school, the first uproar was caused by the amount of bruises that covered Christian’s face. He covered up most of the ones on his body, but the face was inevitable. His mother had offered for some makeup, but even that could only do some much.

The second uproar was caused by Angelica who smiled and actually greeted some people, albeit timidly and you would never hear another word from her, but this had been the first time anyone ever heard her speak. At least now there was proof that she wasn’t mute.

The third uproar was caused by both Angelica and Christian who were seen holding hands on their way to school. After realizing that, they had quickly released their hands, but the damage was done already. This news left both Vicky and Jen in tears and many of the other unmentioned girls were quite upset. Many angry furtive glances were thrown towards Angelica, who, after greeting the lucky person of the day, went back to being her old self as if nothing had happened. And Christian seemed to be acting as if nothing had happened at all.

The class in was chaos and everyone was waiting for recess to come. They all wanted answers and the wait was killing them.

The moment the last bell rang, a mob of students rushed forward and surrounded Christian all searching for answers. Of course, Angelica was naturally forgotten in the corner, they would never get any answers from her.

“What happened?”

“How did you get those bruises on your face?”

“Are you...”

Christian looked around bewildered for a moment before he caught hold of himself and pushed everyone back.

“Please, settle down. I can’t tell you with everyone in my face.” He said with a hint of helplessness.

The mob took a couple steps back from him, but remained just as attentive as before. The atmosphere was just as tense as before.

“Yesterday, I was walking home and then saw some thugs who were attacking Angelica so I helped her run away.”

There was a moment of silence as the kids took the information in, but immediately after, he was pelted once again with questions. What did they look like? How did he see them? How did he save Angelica? Why Angelica?

Christian despaired. He didn’t realize that kids in a normal school were so demanding. Their voices rang in his voice annoyingly and he couldn’t hold his anger back anymore.

“Please! Just stop!” He slammed his fist on the table and winced, when he saw the little cracks that formed around his fist. He had used just a little too much strength. “Just forget it. I’m going to eat.”

He sighed and strode out the room, leaving the place in silence.

The End

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