Angelic Mistake

A tall angel was sitting there, staring down at the human world when another one came over. He glanced up with his bright golden eyes and smiled a little.

“Harian!” He greeted. “Are you here to take my post?”

“Yes, Josphiel.”

“You’re early.”

Harian shrugged.

“I couldn’t stand seeing you sitting here any longer-”

“Oh thanks!” Josphiel jumped up quite happily. “I was getting tired.”

“Err... I wasn’t finished.”


“I was going to say that I couldn’t stand seeing you sitting here any longer without knowing that you’re missing a feather on your left wing.”

“What?” Josphiel glanced over at his wing and sure enough, one of the feathers was gone. “Oh dear. When did you see that?”

“Oh, a couple days ago.”

“Days? That’s years in the human world!” He jumped around the clouds. “I have to go find it!”

Without another word, he jumped down and flew into the human world.

The End

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