Tragic Beginnings (Jason)

"An Angel who, as it happens, carries a shotgun?" Jason asked, astonished. "Seems a bit violent for an Angel don't you think. I mean, aren't you supposed to be- you know, heavenly and all that?"
Thrown into a world and a war he knows nothing about, he must now try to move on and look onto the next part of his life.
Carrying nothing but fear and hope. Jason must travel to the Lost City. It is his only hope, for if he is to fail, then the word may follow.

June 4th 2008

Lily Rose Parkinson

1988- 2008

Never Back Down, Never Give Up, Never Look Back

Jason Sanchez stared down at the grave before him. This was where she was laid to rest- Where her body would stay, hopefully in peace, until the dawn of time. It had been two weeks since Lily had been killed in the explosion that had seen the Shard in London destroyed. Chaos had ensued that day, hundreds dead in an explosion that shook London to its very foundations. Nobody knew the cause. Nobody knew who was to blame, but as the death toll grew ever larger; one thing was left seemingly obvious: Nothing would ever be quite the same again.

Tears slowly began to roll down his cheeks as remembered the memory of his best friend. The girl he had come to love. All the moments they had spent together. All the memories that they had begun to treasure were the only memories he now had of her now. Memories of all the simple things raced back to him. Things like school projects and the day trip they once took to Drayton Manor. Even just the time spent enjoying each other's company felt like the greatest gift in the world to Jason. The images of these events are what rushed through Jason's mind as not for the first time; he dropped, sobbing to his knees. Jason had loved her; anybody who wasn't blind could've seen that. Ever since her death, he had bitterly regretted that he had never told her so.

He eyed the grave with a tear stained face as slowly, he pulled himself back up from the floor. As, just like every day before this one, he slowly walked away grave Lily's grave. Today was slightly different though. "I love you Lily Rose Parkinson" He said softly. He had done it; he had finally said the words, though she would never hear them. They say that the power of one, next to the power of none can be a deadly motive for the evil that walks the earth. They say that it is coldness that fills the soul of a cold blooded killer, as Jason walked away from Lily's grave he tells himself "She was the love of my life, she doesn't deserve this- Death. The cruellest of all fates had claimed her on that day. 


Jason saw again the tragedy that night. He had been on his way to meet her that day; he had seen all that had happened. He could only stand on helplessly and watch it play out before his eyes. He could not stop the inevitable, or fate, as some call it. He did not know how much his life would soon change, a blink of an eye, then done, changed. Flashes of bright orange flame adorned the City skyline as first the fire came, and then the world around him seemed to slow down. A slow rumbling was emanating from the pit of the Shard. Jason turned and ran, trying to find Lily before it was too late. He was to be too late though, as the Shard exploded around them.

This woke him for the third time that night. A fresh flood of tears leaked down his face as he again promised "I'll try for you Lilly; I'll try to make you proud"

The cheap alarm clock next to his bed read 5:30 AM, he knew he would never get back to sleep again; the nightmares would just consume him. So slowly, he moved over to his desk. Then, sitting down, he allowed his memories to swallow him up.


*7 Years Ago*

A thirteen year old Jason Sanchez stormed up the stairs towards his Maths class. To say the least, he was in a foul mood. His temper had been exceedingly short in recent days. Outside, the rain came down in droves. The weather had been bad all week, even though it was the middle of the summer. This had to be a bad omen for things to come. So not knowing that someone was coming around the corner in front of him, he raced around it. The result was a resounding crash that echoed down the corridor. As they both tumbled to the floor, he glimpsed a pair of the most gorgeous set of blue eyes he had ever seen.

Lily Rose Parkinson: To most she was the most beautiful girl in his year. Yeah, she had her flaws as dis everyone. But with her bright blue eyes that shined like the Caribbean oceans, basking in the midday sun- to her long, brown wavy hair that reached down to her shoulders and her smile, that smile that could light up the room like nothing else. Everybody seemed to be totally in love with her.

 "S-sorry" Jason said slowly, getting slowly back to his feet.

"No, it's okay, don't worry about it" came the reply.

"Okay, anyway...- Hey? Do I know you from somewhere?"  He asked.

 "Yeah, you're in most of my classes. I don't think we've ever spoken though" She replied sweetly.

"Oh, that's cool. We better get to our lesson though, we don't want to be late and get into trouble" Jason smiled "So my names Jason, what's yours?"

"The names Lily"

And so had formed an amazing relationship, one that could withstand everything the next seven years of their lives would throw at them. Fate had drawn them together and only fate would be able to tear them apart again.

*4 Years Ago*

"Hey Lils', you alright"

"No" she choked out "I've failed my Science GCSE, I just know it" A few lonely tears began to form in her eyes as Jason pulled her into the biggest hug that he could muster up. She silently cried into his shoulder, body shaking with sobs every so often.

"No Lil', you are smart okay, there is not a way in hell you could fail"

"If you say so" she replied, not really believing it.

The End

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