A Beauty.

I sat, memorized by her beauty. Her movements, so graceful, so slow and deliberate flowed perfectly into one another, much alike to a dance.

She was simply a divine being, and I was her follower, watching her every move. I've always been watching her. Taking in her voice, her face,  her scent. These things were all so perfect, so angelic, it made my chest hurt.

I've always been watching her. Only watching, never once had I talked to her. I'm too afraid, I keep thinking that if I did, I'd spoil her innocence.

'You seem distracted, Jaike?' She asked in a voice that made my heart melt. I looked up, blushing furiously. Why was she talking to me? How did she know my name?!

'I. . .I'm just, uhumm, t-t-thinking about stuff.' Oh great way to start a conversation, Jaike, just divine.

'That sound ominous!' She laughed, smiling at me, making more blood rush to my cheeks.  My scarlet cheeks were nearly the same color as her hair!

She then nodded, smiling at me again, before sauntering off to go help a first year who had fallen over. Her kindness was genuine. No doubt about that. It's like she was born from a warm breeze, gaining wings each and every time she helped someone. I wish I could tell her all of my thoughts, spill them out, explain my feelings. But no, if I did that, I'd soil her heart. It as made to stay pure and I have a insane urge to protect that heart, because if anyone were to snap it in two, I'd snap also.

'Tiffany. . .' I sighed, before sitting down on the floor, watching her crimson ringlets bob around in the wind. Smiling to myself, I closed my eyes and inhaled. When I looked at Tiffany again, I could have sworn I saw two beautiful, fluffy wings erupt from her back. I blinked and they were gone. I laughed at my wild imagination. There was no way that could have been real!



The End

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