An Angel

This is something I started by myself but I did not know how to carry on! So now it's up to you guys to help me! :D How exciting!

She was beautiful. Her hair was weaved from the finest scarlet string and when her sapphire eyes rested on me I would tingle with excitement. She was finer than any girl I had ever met, she did not belong on the ground. She belonged in the sky. She was made to have the wings of an angel, to soar with birds and to feel the wind whip her red ringlets to and fro. Her eyes would cry from the wind, but she was be perfectly blissful despite the tears. The tears were mere effects from the blustery weather.

                I imagine that, as the tears rolled down Tiffany’s checks, they contained magical powers to heal whatever they touched. It would be much like phoenix tears. It is scenic. It is exquisite. She is magnificent. It is only something Tiffany could do because she is concerned about everything. She is the type of person who can look at something ghastly, something repulsive and find something ecstatic in it. She is the type of person who can look at any person—no matter their background—and find something beautiful in them. She can find something that makes them unique, something that makes them irreplaceable and exceptional.

                There are days that I am not sure myself if Tiffany is a human being. She forgives even when the person doing the abhorrent thing to her doesn’t even ask for forgiveness. She smiles through bad times because she simply finds a good thing to look forward to. She doesn’t even feel bad about herself if someone tells her something discourteous and impertinent. She is all about helping other people. She always puts the less fortunate before herself. She is a blessing from God himself. I am convinced that she has come down merely to guide me in the right direction, to set me straight again. Whenever I feel bad, Tiffany cheers me up. She always knows what to say. She never yells. She is never annoyed, irritated, or even intolerant. She has a heart made of sheer gold. How can Tiffany be real? How can she exist? How can she not be an angel?

The End

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